Investing in real estate is the surest and safest form of investment as the value will appreciate, you are not affected by inflation (in fact, inflation is a benefit for you when it comes to rental income derived from real estate), you have total control over your investment and it can be used as a good collateral to secure loans.

Our friend, Braimah Igekie shared his experience with us on the advantages of investing in real estate thus:

“I was reading through the wording of some pictures over the Internet and I stumbled on this “You don’t always find the house you like, but when you do it sells the next day- so make today count”. I cannot help but remember a story one of my uncles told my father where I happen to be close by ironing my parent’s clothes. He said in the 90’s’ he approached a friend of his on an opportunity of purchasing plots of land in Egbeda but his friends response was ‘How can you have big eyeballs yet be blind to see that it is in the bush, who lives in the bush?’ He was advised by his friends to forget about it. Well, he did not take his friends advise and now in 2017, he owns 4 buildings in Egbeda and a street named after him while his friend still lives in a rented 3 bedroom flat in Surulere, Lagos.

Investment in property, whether landed property or houses, has always been a sure bet – you win in the end. It might not pay you heavily in the beginning but surely you would not lose. At times you imagine how some of the skilled workers you engage–electrician, plumber, mechanic, carpenter, etc have their own building just from the little you and all the people who engage them pay. It is simple- they just make their today count on their pursuit to won a property not minding the hurdles.

My father, funny enough, is an example. He is an auto-mechanic who worked during the boom of the Peugeot 504,505 brand and was advised, luckily, by a relative to buy land somewhere that was undeveloped at the time and with two thousand naira (N2000), about $40 at the time he bought a small piece of land. It took him about 19years to complete the building on it but this turned out to be a great support as the family lived on one side of the building and the other side was rented out yielding great profits and within 18years after building he was able to get, from the rent, all the money spent in buying and building the property because the undeveloped location was fully developed by the time the building on the land he bought was completed.

Recently, i met with the landlord of the house where my company office is situate and he was informed that we were not going to be negotiating a new lease after being on that property for ten years. He was bittersweet about that information. Bitter because his longstanding, reliable tenant was vacating his house, and sweet because he had, within the ten years we stayed there, been able to recoup his capital(cost off land and building) and if he decided to sell at this point he would still be winning.

Information and inspiration come in various ways and it is important not to dispense with information or take things for granted without looking into how it may be useful for one. My yoruba friends have a saying that can be translated that ‘sometimes people push others into success’.  So, when your friends or someone tell you about an opportunity it is not necessarily the case that they want to dupe you but are sincerely concerned about your success – do your findings, ask questions and take advantage.

A lot of people in Nigeria complain that they do not have the resources to take advantage of any investment in real estate and yet they have been working for years without knowing that there is a National Housing Fund which they could tap into or that for some of them their employers already remit a monthly payment to the fund on their behalf deducted from their salary.

Investing in Real Estate is always a great investment and the end use of property has began to take different dimensions like the Airbnb, virtual offices etc to ensure that space is maximally used profitably.”

Invest today!!!!



  1. Simply put facts. But does this National Housing Fund really provide the needed support? How easy is it to access the funds? These are questions i often ask. Nobody seems to have first hand experience of their services.


    1. Well, my former company, Charles Adebiyi & Co. actually had first hand experience of their services because my boss was very particular about it.
      The first requirement is that the beneficiary has to be an employee of a private or public company wherein he has been contributing 2.5% of his monthly basic salary into the NHF Fund. The ceiling on the loan facility is N15M and each applicant must have 15% of loan amount as equity stake. Loan is repayable over a period of 25years at 9% interest rate per annum
      To apply for the loan where you meet the requirement, you apply through FMBN quoting your NHF details.


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