The foremost reality about realty is that everyone needs one. Whether as a single person, alongside your spouse or family unit-immediate, extended or even a large compound family. It forms part of the basic needs of man. Hence whether sooner or later the need to purchase or build becomes the reality of the day. Unfortunately, not everyone is armed with the requisite information.

Knowing the approximate value of a property is only the first step to getting a good deal. Never be afraid to ask for a lower price and be an aggressive negotiator. The worst thing you can do is rush into a purchase or get bullied into one and pay beyond the actual market value. Go into the negotiations with a maximum price, a starting offer and several ideas on what you can offer instead of price tag. We sometimes get caught up in the financials or the staging of the home and forget about some important aspects of buying or selling a land/property.

One major area is for you to involve different professionals. They may include,

  1. Real Estate Agents
  • Provide a visual representation of the property for sale
  • Assess and provide valuation report of the current value of the property
  • Meet requirements of the real estate listing/purchase contract
  • Have adequate information to avoid delays in completing property transactions
  1. Surveyors
  • To ascertain the measured size of the land
  • Establish beacon around the property upon purchase
  • To confirm the accuracy of the location of the property.
  1. Lawyers
  • Conduct legal search to confirm if there exist any encumbrance on the property
  • Process the home sale or buy transaction
  • Participate in Negotiation
  • Prepare all legal documents and
  • Comply with all regulations.

By and large, finding and evaluating commercial properties is not just about farming neighbourhoods, getting a great price, or sending out smoke signals to bring sellers to you. At the heart of taking action is basic human communication. It is about building relationships and rapport with property owners so they feel comfortable talking about the good deals – and doing business with you.

I wish you the best in your purchase!


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