The investment into real property requires a lot of planning. The simple plan of constant SAVING can save you when an opportunity opens up to you. Sometimes, there are prospects of having a new deal or buying a land, house or getting involved in some new property transaction. Some companies in fact provide for flexible payment plans, but you cannot take advantage of such if you have not thought through the process or have a plan towards such acquisition. When it comes to investing, nothing will pay off more than educating yourself. Do the necessary research, study and analyze before making any investment decision.

In your quest to invest in real property, the following tips will help you. To wit:

  1. Choose a time range you intend to make a purchase. Do not say I have to buy on a certain date. It is advisable to keep a range in your plan. An offer may come within the category of your date in view. You can save and have more than enough to make you purchase a property way less than your budget. The bottom line is don’t rush your purchase.
  2. Engage a Solicitor. I cannot overemphasize this. Purchase of real property or investment in land isn’t one of those areas you want to cut corners and not involves professionals. You are protected in terms of taking the right steps and doing the right thing when a Solicitor is involved. All fees such as Land Search, Survey Plan, Agency and Legal Fees can be properly monitored by your Solicitor.
  3. Anticipate Ancillary Fees. Most people who are desirable to invest in real property forget to factor in other fees that are associated with the purchase. The truth is settlement of some folks depending on the area the land is situate cannot be avoided. If it is bare land and in an undeveloped area, some traditional chiefs may want to be get paid. The sorting of Omo-onile (Touts) within the area, and all that may include part of additional expense for you to incur when purchasing a property.
  4. Be thorough. Let your planning include a comprehensive service to be provided to you by your Solicitor. All documents obtained consequent upon your purchase can be filed with the government. Sometimes, the entire process may not completed immediately. But then again, you would have commenced the process of solidifying your title post-purchase.

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